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Board Meetings

Hornbrook Fire Protection District holds board meetings once monthly.

Meetings are at the Fire Hall, 16100 Front St, Hornbrook.

If you require an accommodation for a disability contact any board member prior to the beginning of the meeting. You can also send your request for accommodation to Hornbrook Fire Protection District, P.O. Box 48, Hornbrook CA 96044 or email your request to

Board meetings and minutes are posted here and the Hornbrook Fire Department.

                                        Hornbrook Fire Protection District

                                             Board Of Directors  Meeting  

                                         June 16th, 2024 5:00 pm

                                         16100 Front St, Hornbrook, CA 96044




1.0   5:00 pm Call To Order  - CALLED TO ORDER AT 5:00 pm


2.0   Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum - Tim Thurner, Sherri Thurner present


3.0   Public Comment Period - no public attended


This is an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board on subjects within the jurisdiction of the Board, whether or not on the agenda for this meeting. HFPD provided a total of 10 minutes with a 2­ minute courtesy limit per speaker for this section. If a speaker’s time is used here to address an issue on the agenda, they do not get another turn to speak when that item is heard. The presiding officer has the discretion to extend time and/or to reasonably limit the length of any individual comments and the total amount of  time allotted to public comments. Please limit public comments to 3 minutes per person at the time an item is considered on the Agenda. Person(s) disrupting the conduct of any proceeding will be ejected from the meeting.



4.0 Approval of expenditures - all expenditures approved


 1. A1 Auto

 2. Wex Bank

 3. Reimbursement



5.0 Deposit donation - $100 donation approved


6.0  Next meeting - to be determined 


7.0 Adjournment - meeting adjourned 5:08 pm

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