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About the Station

The Hornbrook Fire Protection District has been proudly serving our community since 1963. Our coverage area spans from Ager Beswick Road to Iron Gate, north to the Oregon State line, and from the top of Anderson Grade to Hwy 96 at Lumgrey Creek Road. With a population of approximately 2500, we are committed to ensuring the safety of every individual within our coverage area.

Our dedicated team consists of six well trained and passionate volunteer firefighters, who work tirelessly to protect our community. Our apparatus includes a 2000-gallon Water Tender (1989), a Type-1 Engine (1986), a Type-6 Engine (2000), and a Type-3 Engine (2003), ensuring that we are fully equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

At the Hornbrook Fire Protection District, we are committed to continuous improvement. We hold weekly training sessions, ensuring that our team is always up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. We have recently expanded our medical training program, and we are proud to have two licensed EMT's and a licensed EMR on our department staff.

Looking towards the future, our primary goal is to continue our training and increase recruitment of new volunteers. We are also focused on acquiring modern rescue and firefighting equipment to ensure that we are always prepared to serve our community to the best of our abilities.

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